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A Case For Staying Invested Thumbnail

A Case For Staying Invested

The record-setting low volatility of 2017 sure seems like a distant memory. This past year reminded everyone that investing for long-term success seldom features smooth sailing year in and year out.

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Volatility: Familiar, But Never Fun Thumbnail

Volatility: Familiar, But Never Fun

The third quarter of 2018 concluded with strong gains for the U.S. stock market, as the S&P 500 set a new all-time high and broke the record for the longest bull market in American history. Despite rumblings in the market over global trade...

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Trade Tensions Create Headwind For Strong Economy Thumbnail

Trade Tensions Create Headwind For Strong Economy

The second quarter was another eventful one, headlined by the United States engaging multiple countries in negotiations on foreign trade policies. These discussions ultimately created tensions and have led to a potential trade war, as several nations have raised tariffs...

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Volatility Returns Thumbnail

Volatility Returns

Following a year that provided excellent returns in the equity markets and the least amount of volatility that we’ve seen in the last decade, the first quarter of 2018 reminded everyone that investing is not always a smooth ride...

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Encompass 2018 Market Outlook Thumbnail

Encompass 2018 Market Outlook

The fourth quarter of 2017 capped off a stellar year for global equity markets that came as somewhat of a surprise given the prevailing worries following the 2016 election. In the United States, economic growth improved, interest rates and inflation remained low, and corporate earnings...

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