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The Encompass Edge:

How Do We Help You Accomplish What Matters Most?

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Our team of professionals is here to help enrich your life and make it easier.

By enlisting our expertise in the 7 Pillars of Life Planning & Wealth Management, clients make progress towards realizing their goals.

The benefits of a holistic, team approach to wealth management go beyond what is happening in your investment portfolio. These key advantages comprise what we call “The Encompass Edge”.

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The 25th Hour

Our clients are thoughtful and hardworking people who don’t always have time, or the interest, to manage their financial plan on an ongoing basis. Encompass helps shoulder this responsibility, providing that much needed 25th hour of the day.

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Team Sport

We believe that “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work” and have witnessed the benefits that a team-based approach brings to our clients’ lives. In addition to having Encompass behind you every step of the way, we collaborate and coordinate with your CPA and attorney to ensure that your whole financial picture stays in focus.

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The countless decisions to be made regarding your financial life can feel overwhelming and lead to procrastination. We clarify your options so you can make informed decisions with more confidence.

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Continuity Among Generations

We help coordinate the relationships that can span up to four generations: from your mom & dad to your own children and grandkids! There is nothing more important than fostering connections and sustainable relationships among loved ones.

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Opinions on how a family should save, spend, and invest money can vary greatly. Because everyone’s opinion matters, we help articulate the pros and cons of your important decisions to help you find common ground.

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Cost Efficient & Tax Smart

We use investment tools and strategies that are designed to be both lower cost and sensitive to taxes (with apologies to Uncle Sam). As the old saying goes, “It’s not what you earn, it’s what you keep.”